I need your help please - Words of Inspiration Needed

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I haven't been here in a while due to a lot of emergencies I have been dealing with (death of one of my pets, and now a sick family member). I hope you're all doing well.

I will be catching up reading all of your posts.

I want to reach out to all of you because I'm working on a project for my aunt, who was diagnosed with AML (leukemia) at the age of 46. She means a lot to me because she has been like a mother to me. She is having a hard time with support and health care. There is no support in the Dominican Republic and she needs to hear positive words. So I thought I could collect words of inspiration from several cancer patients so she gets inspired everyday. It looks like her treatments will go on for 2 years, sadly. Her cancer is in the bone marrow. Prayers are welcomed for her recovery.

Please, post something inspirational from your experience below this post. I will be translating all these messages and create a scrapbook for her. Although her cancer is not breast cancer, I think all cancers bring up similar emotions and fears.

Thank you so much for your help.

Her name is Rosis.




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    Hi Rebecca I am very sorry, sending hugs

    hi Rebecca, I am very sorry for your aunt situation. My thoughts are with you and your aunt, and hope everything will come out good.

    not sure about inspiration.

    here it goes

    helllo Rosis,

     I am very sorry to learn about your situation and can relate to it. I was diagnosed with cancer at 46 too, and it was almost 6 years ago. I was a very healthy person, who did not even have a primary care doctor, shoking discovery and very serious prognosis. It was in 2008, almost 6 years ago. Well I have had a lot of treatments and have been doing ok. Please believe in yourself, seek support of your family and friends, keep the faith. It is a tough road, long journey you can do it, let's pray for the best.

    hugs to you

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    Hello Rosis

    It is wonderful that we here can reach out all the way to you there with our new instant technology, offering help and care and good thoughts.  Females generally need to talk and need support, because we are good at it and do this for others throughout our own lives.  We care for parents, husbands, partners, children, friends, neighbours, strangers, pets.  Usually putting ourselves last.  It is your turn now to be put first, your turn to receive help, your turn to rest, to heal and slowly get to the end of a difficult journey.  We all have had similar fears through tough treatments for different problems.  We are all different and yet the same.  We are life givers after all.  Please talk to us whenever you feel the need even if you feel angry or miserable, that's just fine.  

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    Hello Rosis. I am so very

    Hello Rosis. I am so very sorry to hear of your cancer. I had cancer too. I had good days and bad days. Some days I was ok, somedays I cried. I learned if I don't feel good, be ok with just resting. Chores, housework can wait. I learned if I have pain, tell my doctors and see if there is something they can do. I no longer try to be tough thru the pain and not take my pain medications. And when I am in pain, just relax. Do what I can but don't over do it.

    I know it is hard to do, but try not to think of bad things that could happen in the future. Just think of today. 

    When you are sad and fearfull, try to find some beauty in the world...flowers, sunrise or sunset, the stars, children playing, the beauty of the colors in trees, the shapes of leaves. Anything that you find pretty or beautiful. I have been doing that a lot lately and find it helps make me not so sad and not so fearful. I hope you find something that can give you peace.

    I wish and pray the best for you.

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    Hi Rosis:


    I am sorry to hear about your cancer. This site is a wonderful place. I was diagnosed 4 years ago with triple negative breast cancer and suvivors on this site have really been a inspiration for me and I hope it will be for you to.


    If you believe in a God continue to believe, continue to pray and never give up. God NEVER fails us. Even when it seems like the worst call on God he will answer. Keep your faith and be in good spirit. When you feel bad alow your self to feel bad, but never give up.


    God's love,


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    The road may seem long and rocky now, but with faith in God and continuous prayer you'll overcome the fear, the pain, the frustration that you may experience along this journey.  You'll have good days and bad, but keep on praying and make sure you have positive people surrounding you at all times.  If any one speaks anything negative to or about you, rebuke them in Jesus' name.  The tongue is powerful and death and life is in it.  I hope you are a believer, I am, and that's the only way I overcame my breast cancer.  My belief in the Lord Jesus Christ has healed me.  Keep the faith, my dear.

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    THANK YOU <3</b>
    Thank you all soooo much for your beautiful and kind words. I will share them with my aunt and I am sure she will be very grateful and happy.
    XOXO God bless you ALL.