10 Year Mark - Stage 4

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I haven't been on for awhile, but do lurk occasionally. January 29, 2004 I found out I was Stage 4 with 9 of 25 nodes positive and a couple tumors on the liver found during the colon resection. This site and the wonderful people helped me understand and cope with the new reality. I was NED for seven years until January 2011 when I had a liver resection for 3 tumors. Currently in NED since the liver resection. I know that I am a lucky person and often wonder why I have survived when others are struggling or lose the battle. I just hope my story gives others hope that it is possible to remain in remission for a long time.




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    Congrats Mike! Thanks for
    Congrats Mike! Thanks for posting...looking forward to seeing you post at 15 yrs, 20 yrs and so on!
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    Keep us updated

    Love to hear positive testimonies of survival!!


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    great! thanks and...

    Congratulations. It's important to know about successes.  More information helps others understand their possibilities.  Also, if there are any near misses, choices or changes that might have gone the other way, that might be good food for thought to newer members.  

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    Mike thank you for posting your wonderful news ...

    it is really a good thing for those in long-term NED status to post.  Sometimes I suppose the inclination may be to move on and not look back ... but, this is so good for everyone to hear from folks who outlive the odds. And wow, here you are three years out from your liver resection. Wish you all the best as you move forward.

    Peace. ~ Cynthia

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    That's awesome Mike!

    Thanks for sharing and here's to great health! 

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    Great news!
    Thanks for sharing your good news. Just last night my husband's onc came to visit him in the hospital and said the new tumor they removed last week made him now stage 4. Onc told us it's not what we think as stage 4 and stories like yours are a gift to us, especially today. Thanks for sharing your story

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    Congratulations on your

    Congratulations on your success. Keep fighting and thanks for posting.

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    Congratulations on your

    Congratulations on your success. Keep fighting and thanks for posting.

    Well done Mike. Whatever is


    Well done Mike. Whatever is it, luck, karma, or who knows, good for you and continued good health...



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    10 Years

    Congrats on reaching the 10year mark!  Your story is inspiring for everyone, regardless of the stage.


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    10 year Mark

    This is such a great piece of inspiration, I hope we hear from you this year, the next and a whole lot more!

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    Congrats on 10 years! I just made 5 years NED and had a few questions for you.

      1. Did you do anything to try to prevent recurrence? Diet, exercise, supplements, other?

      2. What was your testing schedule after you hit the 5 yr NED mark. How did you find out that your cancer was back?

      3. Did you do any chemo?

    I was hoping that after 5 years NED I could put it behind me but apparently that is not the case. Good luck to you in the future.


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    Love this post


    I really love reading this.  I will be at 2 year NED mark on 1/31/14.   Could you offer any advise?  I follow and organic diet and exercise regularly and am scaned every 6 months but am always fearful there is something more I can do.