My dad was diagnosed w lung cancer, now has metastized to brain, 2 more WBRT days....

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I'm looking to talk to someone who might be going through what I am experiencing....depression, and anxiety....brave for my dad....but crying every day when I get back home....not sure how to deal with this?


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    Welcome to ACS' Survivor Boards

    So sorry for the circumstances that bring you here.  This site has a help line that is monitored 24/7/365.  The number is 800.227.2345.  This is for caretakers, too!  This is often harder on the caretaker than the patient.  This is such a scary up and down back and forth ride and two me caretakers have been diagnosed with PTSD (not a joke).  If you are awake at odd hours, check the chatroom here.  Other caretakers and patients can share experiences there.  

    Another wonderful resource is the Lung Cancer Alliance.  They also have a 24 hour help line and there are phone buddy programs for caretakers and patients:  


    His hospital should have a support group for patients and caretakers.   Also there may be a Cancer Support Community or Gilda's Club this link will help you find one near you.  They also have phone help lines