Caregivers who have dealt with GBM

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My sister-in-law is going through GBM and I am a TNBC survivor. I am with my brother and my sister-in-law almost everyday staying by their sides.

I am trying to deal with being in that place between acceptance and denial.

Its terrible.

I wonder if there is anyone out there that can give me some idea what to expect going forward?

Please advise

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    You are in a tough place.  There are a lot of questions when it comes to GBM - is hers operable?  Is she going through chemo and radiation?  All of these things can have an effect on her prognosis.  There is also a medication called Avastin, that stops tumors from creating new blood supply, which has prolonged life in 40% of patients.  I know a GBM patient on another forum who is 3 years past his "expiration date", as he calls it, and is still having clear scans.  There really is no way to know what your SIL's outcome will be as each person's journey is so different.  Always stay hopeful and positive.  All the best thoughts for you and for her. 

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    my husband was recently diagnosed with far it has been a terrible roller coaster ride.he is mostly very defiant and angry all the time.we start radiation and chemo next week.

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    My sister-in-law has had chemo, rads , avastin, 4 surgeries and has been alive since October 2011 when she was diagnosed. We were told no more surgeries after this and it is sill spreading.

    I know there is a trial that is going on at Duke Universary where they take the tumor and make a vaccine out of it and put it back in the patient.

    This is truly a horror.

    I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in March of 2011 and she was right there for me and  7 months later it was she who became sick.

    I was done with chemo at that time but bald and trying to help as  best as I can.

    My brother is doing a great job as a caregiver but I know its killing him inside. In between her first 2 surgeries...he had a heart attack.

    I knew the signs and thank God I rished him to the hospital just in time. He would have died that night.

    I thank you both for your kinds words....

    God Bless You