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Hi All, it's been months since I've posted, lost contact with the network but just found it again.  Also was listed as SPARK PLUG & KOZY KITTY just in case anyone remenbers names.    But I have to give TREW alot of credit, he has been a great help in his postings.  I had the prostrate removed in 2011 after having the numbers go up very fast in six months of watching. I had the old fashion way of removing it and also lost one of the two nerves going to thr penious so there is no more erictions, but that's another story.  I had incontenice for about a year nad it wasn't too bad, 3 or 4 pads a day plus briefs at night but we went for a walk one day and drank a bottle of water (hot day and long walk) and after I drove home the car seat and me where soaked, a week later the same thing happened on a shorter walk, so then in Sept of 2013 I had a AUS installed and have been dry ever since. except for bike riding, i tent to leak at bumps and getting on and off. So I use a pad the but just a thin one. May-be I should get the special seat that is suposed to help.  Also I might leak a little whenI cross my legs to tie my shoe, not  all the time but on ocassion. So that brings me up to date. again thanks to Trew and others who posted.  The AUS is a great addition.


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    Continence Restored

    Great to read your good news story.  Like yourself, TREW helped me make the decision to have the artificial sphincter implanted.  It restored my life back to 'normal' (in the world of PCa), and I've never looked back.