Xeloda and Celebrex

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Is anyone else on the combination of Xeloda and Celebrex?  Reactions?



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    My mom has been taking Xeloda and Celebrex since Dec 2012 with great response and no reactions.


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    I tried Celebrex as part of

    I tried Celebrex as part of my chemo treatment plan.  I was able to do it for about a month and a half until my liver enzymes started to creep up.  After two consecutive rises, my oncologist said that's itl...no more.  He was sure the Celebrex was causing this but ordered an ultrasound just to be sure.  Fortunately, the ultrasound found nothing in my liver.  After stopping the Celebrex, my liver enzymes returned to normal validating my oncologist's hunch.

    I was taking 400mg once a day of the Celebrex.