Neuropathy after chemotherapy

Hi! I had three months of ABVD for stage IIB Hodgkin's lymphoma and one year later and my neuropathy is actually getting worse. My hands go purple and white at the tips, and hurt, especially if they are cold. Anyone else get this? 



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    Welcome to the site, Molly. Are you sure what you are going through with your hands is neuropathy? It actually sounds like Raynauds, which I only know about because my aunt has it. Whatever it is, I'm sorry it seems to be getting worse and I hope you can find relief.




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    I had that the other day!

    Hi Molly,

    I had six months of ABVD for NS Hodgkins, finished treatment for a year and did not seem to have any neuropathy until a couple of days ago.  I had been chilled all day and went to the grocery store.  While unpacking the cool things at the checkout, my fingers started to go numb and turn white!  I had the middle finger on my left hand the index and middle fingers on my right hand.  I had NEVER had that happen before.  Needless to say, I was a bit concerned.  It lasted for about 15 minutes.  I got home and ran my hand under warm water and massaged it and the colour came back. 

    I asked my oncologist today and he just shrugged and said it happens.  It is what it is and yes, it's likely from the ABVD.  Hopefully it will not get worse!


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    Like ThisisLife, I did six months (12 infusions) of r-abvd. By about my fourth infusion, I had severe neuropathy (mostly in the feet, but also in the hands).  I felt like I was walking on pegs, and could only feel my heels strike the floor when I walked. This lasted well over a year, and I still have dexterity problems with my hands, and can turn pages only with difficulty today, over four years later.  I was part of a clinical trial for a therapeudic cream, but it was worthless, and did me no good at all.  Like most of these neurapthy creams, it was based on an anti-depressant drug. Some of these drugs are approved for neuropathy treatment in diabetics, but not to my knowledge for chemo-induced neuropathy.  My doc also said "Ride it out; it usually gets less severe over time."   I know of no nurtitional or drug treatment that is effective.  Mine is always worse in the cold, and worse after exertion (a vigorous walk, for instance, makes mine much worse).

     The drug in abvd that causes the neuropathy is the Vinblastine.  In chop, it is caused by the Vincristine, which is almost identical to Vinblastine.