Chemo Mouth

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For those that got "Chemo Mouth" how long did the sores last and any information on prevention/coping is appreciated.  I am understanding this becomes evident week 2 correct?  I know about the Magic Mouth wash.  Tomorrow starts my journey...


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    They can give you a prescription medication diflucan (sp?) for the sores.  Mine took about 7-10 days to get better with that.  Rinsed with Magic mouthwash and warm salt water.  Brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush and baking soda.

    Thoughts and prayers as you begin your journey tomorrow.

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    I'll be thinking of you as you embark on this adventure!  I was lucky and did not have much of an issue with mouth sores.  There is some belief that if you chew on ice chips while receiving chemo, (the actual day you are getting chemo) that you are less likely to have issues.  I did not do this.  I did though rinse my mouth often with salt water throughout treatment.  Its probably one of those side effects that is just a concern for some and not others , I will hope you do not have to deal with this.  While/if you still have an appetite remember to take in as much protien as possible, I did a lot od greek yougurt!

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you get one day closer to the end of this process.

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    Mouth sores

    While I did not get actual mouth sores, I had thrush during both rounds of chemo, which is essentially a yeast infection in your mouth.  It was no fun.  The magic mouthwash helped some.  I wish I had known to rinse often with water and salt or baking soda.  Lots of people have said it helps a lot.  I would also advise getting some Biotine toothpaste and mouthwash--it will be more gentle to your tender mouth and contains no alcohol.

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    chemo mouth

    I had thrush in my mouth and throat after both rounds of chemo and took diflucan for 7 days each time.  I didn't know about magic mouthwash.  I rinsed my mouth with both biotene and saltwater.  I was unable to brush my teeth for days and decided that my teeth and gums would just have to be nasty until the thrush was cured.

    I'll be thinking about you as embark on the journey

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    If you take some precautions, you may never get this. I had my teeth thoroughly cleaned prior to treatment. I rinsed my mouth out every morning and evening with warm salt water. Do this right from day one.

    Think positive. Many, many people get through treatment with few side effects. Hopefully, you will be one of those people! Keep drinking clean spring water, rest, eat well. Good luck. I will be thinking of you! I wish nobody had to go through this. Every day of treatment brings you one day closer to the cure!!!!!!