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Had  cancer in right breast 2005. All clear now. However, a couple of weeks ago I had a fall and injured my left arm. Xrays showed abnormalities. Had a call from GP who wanted to see me to dicuss xrays. Went this morning. Apparantely I have lesions on bone in arm. Was told it must be investigated as it could be cancer. Just that word scared me. I have to take urine test to surgery tomorrow and next Monday have bloods taken.To say I'm scared is an understatement! Have had a **** few years. Breast cancer. My ex disappearing and robbing me while I was visiting my daughter in Illinois. (I live in UK.) Thought all was going well now. Am due to move in about 3 weeksand getting excited about my new start. Although I am 70. My head does not relay that to my body and I take risks. I feel happy and fit, but after the visit to my GP, feel unsettled. Please God, these lesions are of no real consequence!