CyberKnife SBRT, 6 years treatment results

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Here is a very comprehensive report of CyberKnife treatment, side effects and biochemical control. These results may help the many now contemplating CK as their favourite choice.

Unfortunately it does not give details to distinguishing between Low, Intermediate and High risk patients but the Gleason above (4+3) 7 did worse.
6 years is a short period to evaluate the “very” late side effects, however, at 5 years it seems to be similar to the effects from High Dose Radiation Bracky Therapy (HDR BT). The conclusions on the biochemical recurrence-free survival rates was similar to the results of IMRT study published in PubMed; 5-year CK at 97% for low-risk, 90.7% for intermediate-risk, and 74.1% for high-risk patients, against 4-year IMRT at
97%, 94%, and 87% respectively. Surely the two studies cannot be compared in its whole but the population in both were more or less “homogeneous”.

Here is the CK report followed by PubMed’s study;