Just diagnosed, supposedly "very early stage"

Hello everyone

I was just told yesterday I have early endometrial cancer.

I had laparoscip surgery almost 2 weeks ago for exploratory abdominal pain and while I was under they removed a cervical polyp. My Dr did a d&c while there but it wasn't a part of the plan originally. I'm lucky she did and found the cancer, who knows how or when it would have been found otherwise. 

I just had a uterine biopsy in September with no signs of cancer, I'm so curious if it is that new or just was missed on that biopsy. I'll never know but would love to. 

I haven't seen the oncologist yet but my first question will be about freezing my eggs. I haven't had kids yet (35 yo) but would love the option. Has anyone else had that done before hysterectomy?


After ready that it can't be staged without hysterectomy I'm also curious how my Dr could tell me pathology shows early stage. 



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    Early is good

    Nellyroo, I am sorry you have had to find us but you have found a good place to ask questions. 

    I cannot answer your question about freezing your eggs, but I hope you are working with a gynecological oncologist for your surgery and treatment.  They specialize in cancer for all gynecological cancers and the best gynecologists will help you find one in your area. 

    My endometrial cancer (UPSC - an agressive subset) was found early because I had a D&C.  I owe my gynecologist a HUG for saying "let's find out what is going on" because she saved my life. 

    In any event, the D&C would have gotten the polyp which would have diagnosed it as cancer (that is how they found mine) but gyn/onc wanted to confirm with his pathologist as well. 

    Take a breath and take this one day at a time.  Come back and ask any questions you want.  Don't be afraid to ask for a second opinion or ask any questions on information you find here.  We are not doctors but there are amazing women here who have been down this road.

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    uterine cancer survivor

    I am very sorry to hear about you diagnosis,  I was 28 the first time I had uterine cancer it cameback 4 years later, its very rough because of the not being able to have children.  My oncologist did not want to freeze my eggs , but that doesnt mean thry wont save yours, just seek out other oncologist.  As far as the biopsy when they took a sample it might not have been from the area of the cancerous tissue on a good note  sounds like a early stage. They usually can tell by the look of the tissue, color , texture, but yes true staging is done with a hysterectomy.  What other testing have you been through? 

    I am in the medical feild work with doctors, I love my oncologist to death, but I always keep in mind they call it practicing medicine not knowing. Its such a rough road I do know this putting your life in someone else's hands. And the emotional part is a struggle. But just know your not alone and keep positive :-). Keep us posted if you need to vent or have any questions feel free to email me.


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