Wording in reports

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I was looking at my radiologsts report from my scans. Instead of no evidence of disease, the wording was no definititve evidence of metastatic disease.

Is that the same as NED?  I can not really ask the Doctor, because I have been kicked out of the NIH research study. (I tried, and was told (by the fellow to follow up with my community doctor....:()


  • foxhd
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    the same to me.

  • Galrim
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    I think its the same

    My NED´s has also had different "versions" going from no evidence of disease to no apparent evidence of disease and no obvious evidence of disease and so forth and so forth...I would relax if I was you. If the radiologist observes anything remotely noteworthy they stress it out as a single item in the report.


  • Darron
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    i agree, sounds he same to me. Make sure you get copies if all your scans from NIH. When you go to your new Dr.,have him review at least a few scans back. It will be a good baseline.