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We just found out my mom has a recurrence of endometrial cancer.  She had a hysterectomy in March 2012 and we were told it was stage 1a.  She did not have any follow up treatment like chemo or radiation. I felt like that part of our lives was over.  For months she has been complaining of a pain in her ribs, which developed into a lump.  A biopsy showed it is the same cancer she had before.  Her PET scan did not show any other tumors.  she is having surgery and it seems pretty removable, but am paralyzed with fear about the future.  trying to get some information, but at the same time too scared to find out too much.  I would love to hear some encouraging stories from others.  It would be nice to know I am not alone. :)


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    You and your mother are not alone

    First off, I am sorry you have had to find us, HOWEVER you did come to the best place on the web to ask questions and hear from SURVIVORS. 

    I have no doubt you will find many woman here who have survived several recurrences and are thriving.  Hopefully your mother has a gynecological oncologist to help her in this journey and now is the time for you to educate yourself on how best to help her. 

    Read, ask questions, this board will give you a Masters degree in cancer education.

    How fortunate your mother is to have a daughter out there to seek help and answers.

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    Hello, I am sorry that you

    Hello, I am sorry that you are dealing with all of this.  I have a few words of hope. 

    I don't know what the medical community says, but if your mother has not had either chemo or radiation, technically it's probably not called a recurrence.  Also, you need to find out what the pathology is of her endometrial cancer.  Some cell types like adenocarcinoma, are considered "the one to have" because it seems to be pretty treatable.  Other types like uterine pappilary serous carcinoma are much more resistent to treatment.  So, after her surgery to remove this mass, don't be shy about asking her oncologist for a copy of the pathology report.  You can even get the path report from her first surgery if you don't want to wait.

    Also, chemo and radiation are not that terrible of treatments.  They are very doable these days.  I think you have lots to be hopeful about, you just need education as to her tumor type.  And, btw, a clear PET scan is terrific news!!!

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    Keep strong!

    Please keep strong.  There are many of us out here who have battled at least one recurrence and are still here and living a good quality of life.  My hysterectomy showed no cancer - but 7 years later (Yes! - 7 years) I had a recurrence in the pelvis (don't ask how that happened - no one knows).  It was treated with radiotherapy and I was clear for 2.5 years.  Then it popped up again in the pelvis.  I had debulking surgery and chemo and was clear for a further 18 months.  Then, guess what, it popped right back up again in the pelvis!  I am now on hormone therapy and it it back under control.  There are lots of options out there for your Mum.  If they can treat this isolated recurrence with surgery then that is great.  Hang on in there! 
    Kindest wishes, Helen