Tumor blocking all bile ducts



my dad is ver jaundice we thought they would be able to put a stent in but they said the tumor is right in the middle of all the bile ducts. So surgery is out stent is out and most chemo regimens are out. Anyone have something similar and have any light to shed?


  • Annabelle41415
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    Don't have any experience with this, but wishing your dad the best.  Maybe you could get a second opinion if you think that more can be done. 


  • marbleotis
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    Please get 2nd opinions

    I am not familiar with this but please get more opinions.  Many on this forum were told no options yet after research they did have some other things to try.

  • annalexandria
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    I'm so sorry your family is having to deal with this.

    I don't have any experience with this either, and can only offer agreement with the idea of a 2nd opinion.  Has your dad already done chemo?  If there is another one he could try, if it was effective it would shrink the tumors, possibly enough to get a stent in, or even do surgical removal.

    Sending some hugs and strength your way, and to your dad too~AA

  • devotion10
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    I can imagine how concerned you are about your father …

    I also do not have personal experience with your situation, but I am wondering if you might ask the doctors - even if a stent cannot be placed - if a drainage tube can be inserted that could allow the bile fluid to drain so that your father could be more comfortable?

    You mentioned that ‘most chemo regimens are out’ … does this mean that your father has cancer that has spread beyond his liver and he has exhausted all palliative chemotherapy options?

    Peace. ~ Cynthia