To the many Heros on this forum!

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I just wanted to raise a toast to the many couageous people I have personally experienced on this forum. I am continuously amazed by the caring, love, compassion, determination, selflessness, wisdom, spirituality, faith, ...

explified by so many throughout the thousands of posts on this board.

Cheers to you Heros!!!

And thank you from the very bottom of my soul.




  • Kathleen808
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    I agree.  I find all of you amazing and inspiring.  You are all going through so much but you continue to give.



  • devotion10
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    Since I know you are too humble to include yourself

    as one the heroes Phil ... I am raising my glass to you as well as others.

    Peace. ~ Cynthia

  • saussureainvolucrata
    You are one of my big heroes

    You are one of my big heroes Phil64! 

  • BusterBrown
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    Here, here!

    Here, here! Cheers:-)



  • UncleBuddy
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    Totally agree!

    There are so many heroes on this site who have been there for so many of us. Thank you all, and you too, Philip.


  • marbleotis
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    We are all heros

    At one time or another through this horrible battle, we are all heros. 

    Sometimes we need the hero, sometimes we are the hero.

  • Gavin63
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    I fully endorse your

    I fully endorse your statement Phil. They are all Hero's one way or the other. I am so glad that I found this forum. It's my new found family. Everyone in the forum are so caring to each other & that's amazing.


  • janderson1964
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    We are all heroes. We like

    We are all heroes. We like many in the world who are defined as heroes are ordinary who did extraordinary things when faced with a diffacult situation. None of  us wanted to get cancer nor did we set out to become heroes but when faced with cancer we decided to fight and through our own experiences realized how overwhelming it can be and felt we had to reach out to others in the same situation.

    I have to say there are several ladies on here who came here for support since thier husbands were fighting cancer but sadly thier husbands have passed on yet these ladies still are still involved with this forum to give support. What a selfless act of heroism.

  • annalexandria
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    Since I know you are too humble to include yourself

    as one the heroes Phil ... I am raising my glass to you as well as others.

    Peace. ~ Cynthia

    Yes, me too!

    You are one tough dude.  And I agree that we all deserve a toast, because we are all, patients and caregivers alike, in the battle together.




  • KathiM
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    Many of the heroes that welcomed me here....

    Have gone on.  Either to rejoin living life or lighting the way for us all.

    Sadly, new heroes have stepped in to fill the void.  (I only say sadly because I HATE cancer, and the reason why many, including me, find themselves here.)


    I raise my glass to all of us, warriors and heroes all!


    Hugs from a VERY old timer.....Kathi