On being back

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hey all, it's good to be back, and I have missed you.

i tried to convince myself that cancer wasn't really mine.  I tried to bury the fear and uncertainty, get lost in work.

i even tried to convince myself that chromophobe RCC was no big deal, cut it out and move on already.

didnt work.


i apologize for bailing. I won't leave again. 

Scans look good, X-rays look good.

but I am not stuffing, forgetting, diminishing anymore.  This (living with or after cancer) is the realist thing I have ever lived with (or without).

love to all.


ps, is Ohio still available?


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    Fizzy Dear... Welcome

    Fizzy Dear... Welcome Back..!!   No worries, seems like many folks take a break from here.  It is all part of the process...  No one takes offence, or at least they shouldn't..  My take is that I wonder if those that leave are OK..?    And all the fears are normal... we all have them... we all control them differently.. and try not to let the fear controll US..!!

    Be Well..!

    Ron Sealed