PET Scan

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I like Phrannie had an early morning Pet Scan today (6 month) and although it is one of many I went through already it will still play games with my head for 8 days 14 hours and 1 minute until I get the results from my surgeaon. But who's counting?  Like anything, you can what if it to death spending precious time worrying about something that is what it is. But being human I look forward to the 23rd to get the results. Just saying.

Enjoy the day



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    hello Jeff !

    I wish we could get faster results.  Unless you have an appointment the same day we wait.  You know you can call your clinic (nurse) sooner to get results instead of waiting this long.  I would go bonkers waiting that long.  just of luck, and NED right around the corner again !  Katie

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    Sending prayers for clean results!!

    The waiting game...ugh...Hang in there! I'll will be keeping you in my prayers for GREAT results on the 23rd!


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    PET Scan

    Jeff, why so long?  I got my results on my fPET scan the next afternoon.   I had a CAT scan before Christmas and the nurse read the results to me.    Good luck and I don't think I could wait 8 days knowing someone there could read them to me. 


    Good luck


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    8 days+, sounds delightful.  What if Grant had another Benjamin Franklin in their pocket?  Did you start joking around before or after the 8 days+ statement? 

    You feel good, you look good, you are good, 8 days 6 hours and counting to confirm.


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    Jeff, I can't believe they

    Jeff, I can't believe they make you wait 8 days!!  well, you could look at it like this, if they wait that long, then it must be good news!!  they wouldn't wait if it was bad.  so, knowing you will meet NED again, congrats.  i'll be waiting to hear the official word from you tho.

    God bless you,


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    More Crossing

    All appendages crossed. Positive thoughts / vibes from Singapore. That is tough waiting for the results but you don't need me to tell you that!


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    Six Hours Less...

    Than when you posted...

    Good luck, mojo and low fat yogurt sundaes your way....

    Thoughts & Prayers,


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    even I don't "what if it to death" least not until the last 2 days before the scan and the two days after....then I beat myself up over's weird tho, even when I'm not thinking about it, it's like a weight on my back until the results come in.

    A week from tomorrow we'll both be in the dance your lady around the kitchen table, and I'll dance Greg around ours....we can have a virtual double date.  :)


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    two days max

    If you want the report, just demand it. In most situations the report has been transcribed inside 24 hours. You may have to walk in to get it but if you want it earlier you can get it. Remember always, YOU are the customer. You pay, you have a right to DEMAND it.


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    I'm really OK with it

    In reality I am OK with waiting 8 more days. Not the first time though, it drove me bonkers. I waited 2 weeks until I saw the Doc and I found it hard to concentrate on everything I did. It was that visit that he chuckled and said next time call the day after and his nurse can give me the results. I did that for the second scan and haven’t done it since.

    DJ, like you I believe if there was something there they would contact me.

    Matt, delightful was the ice cream I ate last evening. Vanilla with Hershey syrup and Tom Sturgis little pretzels broke up in it. I see it as self-prescribed good medicine.

    John, no low fat yogurt I want the high-test.  I shy away from a lot of the healthy stuff. You know what happens to people who eat healthy?...................They get sick and die anyway.

    Don, I am thinking about having some fun today. I just may call the Doc’s office and demand my results. I will even say donfoo told me to call. When they say who is donfoo I will say he is my health care agent supplied by the ACA to assure my doctors are abiding by my health care rights. Heck, I won’t see them for 8 days which will give them time to forget about it. Although I would expect to see some whispering when I check in next Thursday.

    Thank you all for your kind words and keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. Yes it bothers me a bit waiting for the results but not nearly as much as when I read about our new friends who find themselves in the same shoes we walked in when battling this F’en disease.  Cancer put me through hell for quite some time and I have accepted the changes it brought into my life. I consider myself one of the lucky ones and I am always deeply saddened by the ones not so lucky. I find myself drawn to people I have never met in person and feel the fear and pain they endure while battling cancer and I want to reach through the screen and grab their hand and reassure them that they are not alone. Yes we all had friends and family by our sides while battling, but I had many moments when I felt I was alone in a room full of people.

    If your fighting…………….fight with every drop of energy you have……… kick some cancer ****………it’s worth it.

    If you’re a provider …………hold their hand and just look them in the eyes…….no words are necessary.

    If your healing after the battle………………heal on because life is good.


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    Praying for NED and patience.

    Praying for NED and patience. I can't believe some of these docs make you wait so long.


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    Your sense

    of humor, just cracks me up...I know in my heart, you're ok..