The truth about lymph node removal

Latest CT scan came back showing the tumors as reduced in size, so I'm good to go for a full hysterectomy following my 6th chemo treatment (just had 5th this week).  Here's my concern . . . .  It is contained in the uterus with the exception of one right groin lymph node.  Pet scan and recent CT showed no further spreading, which is great.  I asked the doc if the node will be removed at the same time and he said that if the surgeon feels he can safely, cleanly get it without causing damage to the leg, then it will be removed.  I'm not comfortable with that answer as it's my understanding the lymph system is the "super speedway" of cancer travel.  I want them to get it out!!  Here's my question:

I know that even if it can be removed cleanly, just removing the node itself can cause an imbalance and problems with fluid in the leg.  So, if they remove it cleanly, is it a given that I will have problems with the right leg, swelling, pain, etc. forever or what?  And, if they don't feel they can get it without causing damage, how does that affect prognosis - from a patient standpoint?  I mean, he's already said people live long relatively happy lives managing the type of cancer I have and that while there's every reason to hope for no recurrence, the likelihood is that there will be a recurrence in the future.  So much is swimming in my head that I just need some grounding.  Please help.



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    i responded to the lymph node

    i responded to the lymph node on your other post.  As far as the recurrence.  Life isn't predictable in many ways.  I always try to look forward thinking the  most positive so that every day that goes by I truely appreciate it.

    While there is a chance of a recurrence.  Every day they are making strides in managing/curing cancer. So the positive is if it should happen,  it wil most likely be some time in the future and treatment will be so much better and even cureable.

    I know it is hard to not worry but as my oncologist reminds me,  don't worry unless you have a reason to do it. I to have to keep reminding myself of these words

    It gets easier as you move forward and you have more confidence that your body will protect you in the future from a cancer recurrence

    One thing you can consider is adding a naturopath that is oriented towards oncolgoy to your team of doctors. I ahve don that and Jan has posted that she has as well.  Folling some of the diet and environment changes typically recommended gives you a feeling of control that you can help the situation.