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For the past month or so my left leg has felt achy, but I just thought it was sore. Then, this past week, its started hurting really bad in my knee,lower shin, and upper thigh/hip bone.It kinda rotates between feeling like a deep bruise or feeling like someone is carving out the inside of my shin bone with a tooth pick. After the extreme pain started I noticed a bump on my lower knee about the size of a causes me to limp about 60% of the time and hurts so bad at night it takes hours to fall asleep.This combined with moderate fatigue that doesn't go away, weight loss,muscle weakness, breathing hard after walking a flight of stairs,head aches, and bruising easier led me to consider the possibility of bone cancer. What do you guys think? Should I go see a doctor, and if I do, do you think its likely I have bone cancer? 


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    Get to the Dr. ASAP! If

    Get to the Dr. ASAP! If nothing else, better safe than sorry!

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    bone mets

    i have bone mets in several spots and what your describing does sound like what i have.


    my bone mets are from a stage IV colon cancer with mets to the liver.  The liver keeps pushing cancer mets to my hips, pelvic, ribs and now in my spine.

    yes... this sh*t hurts.  I am on pain patch plus pain meds as needed.

    but, often the pain and constant nag of the pain just messes with the mind and the emotions.


    like anything related to cancer, the sooner you get to treating the problem, the sooner you'll feel better and the more likely it will not spread some more to other areas.


    so yes... get your butt to the doctors.  


    one thing i've learned in the past two years of my cancer battle... THEY never will call you to see if you feel worse. They NEVER will call you to see how you feel.

    YOU have to complain. YOU have to call them. YOU have to take control of your health and your care.


    I'll add you to my prayer list. and I hope you get in to see the doc soon.


    my best