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I had my left kidney removed 11 months ago. (T2b) grade 4. I also had hypercalcemia. I'm a 38 year old female. At my 3 month follow up CT there was a lump? On one of my overies but ultrasound results said it was gone.  Just had another CT and now it's showing a cyst/lesion on my spleen. So waiting for appointment for another ultrasound. Anybody else had similar results? Should I be worried? My surgeon told me after the radical nephrectomy that I had a 50/50 chance of recurrence and I know that with the hypercalcemia as well I am lucky so far.


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    I also have a small cyst on

    I also have a small cyst on my spleen. But it's no enhancing and stable.  For me was nothing to worry about. wishing you the best.