My 16 year old has a gallbladder polyp and I need opinions

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Hi, I'm Helen and I'm 44.  I just spend two years of my life in treatment/surgery for colon cancer. After I got diagnosed, I found out that my father's family has colon. breast and kidney cancer history.  I knew about the breast thankfully and get regular mammograms.  My son happened to have a non cancer related kidney problem which required surgery.  During the scan, they found a polyp on his gall bladder. The doctor said it's nothing to worry about, it's rarely cancer.  Those words no longer have much value in my life.  The doctor does not want to remove my son's gallbladder, I do.  I called my father's family and found out my uncle died at 52 of gall bladder cancer.  The urologist said that gall bladder cancer is not hereditary.  I wonder if they just haven't found the gene yet.  As a parent, would you remove your child's gall bladder knowing that cancer is prominent in the family and someone has died from gall bladder cancer.  He's 16.   The doctor won't do it, my instincts are screaming, do this.  Am I projecting?  I don't know.  Any opinions?