question about mets?

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hi family i went to chemo onc yesterday and got the results of my ct scan that was done on dec.19 i have been off chemo for 2 and a half months due to being hospitalized in nov so onc gave me a break during the we suspected all mets in lungs have grown quite a bit largest one is 4.9x3.7cm this is the largest they have ever been.the onc just said the disease has progressed and we need to start chemo asap it will be at a 20% lower dosage.after i got a copy of my ct scan i was reading it in the room and i noticed it said"there is a new and/or significantly interval enlarging low-attenuation lesion within the region of the pancreatic head which measures 1.4x1.2 so i questioned the nurse about it and i asked does this mean i have a spot on my pancrease now.she stepped out to ask the doctor and when she came back in she said yes but it is very question to all on this board has anyone ever had or heard of anyone who has gotten mets on there pancrease from stage 4 colorectal cancer.i am not familiar with this.i hope chemo goes well and can take care of this.thank you to all....Godbless....johnnybegood


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    I have read (mostly on this board) of crc mets to liver, lungs, brain, bone. But I have never heard of mets to pancreas. Although, I would guess mets to anywhere in the body are possible, I would also guess that this must be rare or we would have read about it on this discussion board. I wonder if it is possible to biopsy?  Perhaps if it is a secondary cancer they would modify the treatment?

    May the chemo work with maximum success!



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    Hoping things go well!

    I did a little poking and found this:


    I didn't read them, but it looks like you can get mets to the pancreas.

    I hope chemo kicks cancer's butt for you. Good luck. 


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    If you go to colon club site you will see posts re pancreas involvement. I posted info there under name 1YEAR  in 2012, and there was posts by mysweetgrace as well. I recall another recently but can't remember the name

    my husband had pancreatic involvement on diagnosis and is still doing well 2 years later. Dont let the word pancreas freak you out. Just make sure it's status is monitored and remember its not pancreatic primary.

    hope this is helpful

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    Thinking of you JBG ...

    I have no knowledge about the pancreatic lesion and others seem to be responding ... but, I did want to send you a warm embrace.  I know you will be glad to begin treatment so that you can take care of this.

    Peace and stay warm.  ~ Cynthia

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    I never heard of colon cancer

    I never heard of colon cancer spreading to the panreas.

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    Not much experience with this but hope and pray for you.

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    I think mets can spread pretty much anywhere...

    esp in the abdomen.  According to my surgeon, what happens is a few cells can break away and land on any surface.  I've had mets on my uterus, peritoneum, and small intestine...all of which "seeded" from the original primary in the colon.  So although I haven't heard of the pancreas being involved before, I can see how it might happen.  And as has been mentioned, as it's not pancreatic cancer, it should respond just as well to the treatment as all the other bits that are metastisized crc.

    And that's what we are all hoping and praying for, JBG!  That this dosage will be easier to tolerate, and that this chemo will do its job and get rid of that bad stuff no matter where it might be.  I recently read a case study of a man who had tumors all over the place, and every single one of them shrank away into nothing while on Avastin.  That is the result I'm keeping in my heart for you.

    Strength and love, tons of it, coming your way.


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    Hi Johnnybegood,
    They found a

    Hi Johnnybegood,

    They found a met on the head of my husband's pancreas in his last PET/CT scan post liver ablation.  The onc does not seem worried, he is more concerned with keeping the lung mets stable and the liver clean.  It is not that unusual to have mets in pancreas, especially in long time stage 4-ers.  My husband was diagnosed 6 years ago.  Hope all goes well, hang in there.  My husband has a scan next week to see how the last two months of Folfox have gone.


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    Sorry to hear that the one has gotten bigger and now there is a new spot.  I'm not sure where it could all spread to, but I'm sure like the others have said that it can go probably anywhere.  Don't think that cancer cells are limited to one area.  LizzyDavis had pancreatic cancer but think that this was another primary, not a met, but I'm not sure.  I'm also not sure if they can tell by just seeing it if it is a met or primary.  Hoping that this new treatment will start shrinking everything and you handle the treatment well.