Need Colostomy Advice

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Hi all, Happy New Year!  I know there are ostomy boards but I'm still in a bit of a depression about this ostomy being permanent at times and those boards are just full of people who have temporaries.  Gets me down.  I have to go for my first colonoscopy since the ostomy to make sure there's no cancer so I need to do the prep.  Directions say to do a normal prep.  That just sounds so extreme and messy.  Anything to share?  I would think I would do a bit of a lessor prep and get the same result.


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    i dont have any advice


    i dont have any advice to give as mine was a temp, I just wanted to chime in and let you know it's ok that it gets you down. All these things that are done to our bodies to keep us alive, as grateful as we are to still be breathing, can take it's emotional toll. 

    Hang in there!  


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    Hi, Helen

    It's very important that your colon be clean as a whistle so that the surgeon can have a proper look for anything out of the ordinary. I don't think anyone likes rhe prep, but it is necessary for your future. So bite the bullet and do the prep as it should be done. Happy new year, and may you be cancer free forever!


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    I would ask the nurse to

    I would ask the nurse to double check with the doc doing the scope to make sure your prep is the same.  When my husband needed the sigmoidoscopy with dilation several times over the summer - each time they told him the full prep...each time we double checked and they said no prep necessary.  It's likely your situation is different because it's a full scope, but I'd check anyhow.

    Good luck - hope you get great results!

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    My husband Pat has had 2 colonoscopies and he has a permanent colostomy.  He did have to do the regular prep.  He usually just removes the wafer/pouch and stands in the shower with the water running.  I know it's not the best plan but it works for him.  He uses pouches that are disposable rather than the drainable pouches.  So, instead of throwing away numerous disposable pouches, he just stands in the shower when necessary.  

    Hope your colonoscopy goes well!


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    I can help with this ....

    Hi Helen, It has been a while since I have chatted here.. but what you need to get is an irrigation bag.. I use Holister products and they have them - I don't know which appliance you use. Yes the prep is the normal routine.. sorry to confirm.. but it is very important.. and  I will tell it is actually a lot easier to get thru than one would think... it you get the irrigation bag... and bag closure to help you thru it.. you will have to be home.. but it will not be as messy as you think.. I have only done one since my surgery.. and probably should be having another soon too.. I should check on that..

    Good Luck.. and happy new year!!!!



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    I have

    I have had several colonoscopys since I got my ostomy.They do it thru the ostomy which is easier.When I did the prep the first time with the bag it was a mess.When I took the bag off to empty it,everything came gushing out all over.Now I stand over the toilet,unroll the bag and empty it.Other times I will use two bags.Empty one,take it off and put another bag on,then rinse the first bag out,place it to the side on paper towels,the rotate when needed.I also take extra bags to the doctors and change to a fresh bag before the test.I have had an irirgation kit since 2008,but have never used it.Some people swear by it.Good luck.