Update from Laz.

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I had an appointment with my oncologist today. We recalculated the amount of chemo I received already and it turns out that I only need two more rounds instead of four that we thought. I had to stop Oxalyplatin, because of neuropathy and I'm taking 5000mg Xeloda a day. It's a large dose and I'm feeling pretty crappy, but it's still easier than Folfox. I had my rectal cancer surgery in October and there was no cancer in the specimen that was removed. So I hope that this chemo will be enough to clean things up.

If everything goes well I should be done with chemo by the middle of February. In certain ways it was easy, but this ordeal left me with some tough things to live with: colostomy, painful hips and lower back from the radiation and numb fingers and toes. Don't know if I can go back to dentistry at all. But I'm still grateful if this is all it was. So many of you went through or going through so much worse.



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    Some Rain Will Always Fall...

    we have to learn to trade This for That, Laz.....and then live with it the rest of our lives....my career might be ending soon this year....but if it does, I put in my 25+ years of loyal service.  what are you gonna do?  do the best you can do,.

    Good luck moving forward!

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    You will heal Laz.   It does

    You will heal Laz.   It does take some time, most heal 90% or better.   I lost feeling in my toes and a little feeling in my finger tips.  When I grab things I am relearning not to give everything a death grip. (For lack of feeling in my finger tips,)  I played finger style guitar, and learned to pick instead.  We can adpat to the changes that Chemo has given us.  I am starting to work again. 


    We are sending our thoughts and prayers for continued strength in your battle to be healthy again.  Best Always for your bride!


    Best Always,  mike

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    Hey Laz, Don't give up on

    Hey Laz, Don't give up on dentistry just yet.  What I learned from those 6 months of being stuck in my house was that prediction gets you nowhere.  Only I learned it way later after things are starting to get better now.  Little by little they are and I did all that predicting for nothing.  Am I 100% yet?  Not yet, but I'm not worried.  It's only the one year mark and things are better 10 fold already.  I know that each passing month, things are going to get better, it just takes time.  2-5 years was what my doctor said so you just have to have patience.  You may be able to fully go back to dentistry.  My fingertips are in fine shape now.  I can fully feel them.  Just some pain in the joints, totally doable.  As I mentioned, I'm going to discuss the options with the oncologist on the 10th.  I'll let you know what she advices on the painful hips. 

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    Laz, Laz, Laz

    You have been so strong and gotten through so much, now allow yourself to heal.

    I had neuropathy in my teeth, lips, tongue, hands, feet and face.  I was disconnected from chemo 1 year ago this past August.

    Today, 12/31/13, it is only slight in the hands and a little more in the feet.  I stay very active and eat organics.  Only foods that will empower my body.

    Please give your body and mind time to heal.  I say mind also because only now after nearly 2 years have I started to absord the seriousness and gravity of what I (and all of us) went through.

    You may just get back to Dentistry or somthing along those lines.  Don't worry about that now enjoy the end of chemo and everything past that is a bonus!

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    You're dentistry days are not

    You're dentistry days are not over.  I would bet the farm on it.  The treatment is taking a toll on your body and wearing you down emotionally.  You've been through a lot this past year.  It may take time but you will recover.  

    How are you adjusting to the ileostomy?  Steve had some trouble adjusting.  You've had a lot of changes this year.  I suspect 2014 will be a much better year for you.

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    Patience grasshopper....

    As everyone is saying give yourself time to heal.  The neuropathy in my hands went away pretty quickly and I had 12 rounds in 2007 and 14 rounds in 2009.  My feet are okay, still some numbness when it's cold out.  I didn't have the radiation that you had but hear it can take some time to recover from as well.  You've been so positive throughout, don't give up just yet!  Wishing you a healthy, happy new year!  Traci

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    One day at a time...

    Give yourself time to heal and see how you feel six months from now. I hope you feel better soon.


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    Hello Laz,
    Look for the light

    Hello Laz,

    Look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t give up. I was reading all your posts. You have been facing everything well. Give some time for the side effects to settle. Side effects of  the 28 fractions of Radiation that I took is gone I believe. It will be the same for you.  I am now heading to the last week of my 2nd cycle of Chemo & going to enjoy the Xeloda free week before I start my 3rd cycle. So far I haven’t had major issues. Probably the Oxy + Xeloda takes time to trouble me as what I have heard is that these drugs are cumulative. I believe that I am yet to face the hard side of the combination. But I will fight it out. I eat well even when the Oxy takes away my taste buds. Eating well may have helped me fighting the effects of Chemo.

    I am sure you will do well. Best to you.