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Just wondering how your wife is doing.  Did you guys make it through Christmas okay?  Does she understand that it's Christmas or has the disease progress beyond her ability to understand such things?  You're such a big source of support for so many here and what you are going through (as a caregiver) is tremendously hard, as well.  My SIL's Dad has Alzheimer's and he no longer recognizes family.  As of late, he has lost the ability to care for himself in terms of hygiene etc....  Very confused and agitated.  Can no longer leave his facility for Sunday dinner with his kids and grand kids.  Very very tough on his wife and grown kids.  They find themselves wishing that the end would come and then they have horrible feelings of guilt.  They know he wouldn't want this for himself.  When my SIL talks about him, I often think of you and the toll it must take.  


Hope your doing well.



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    Each day is pretty much the same for her. Some days she knows who I am ,and other days  not so.  When a friend's mother died of alzheimers after 4 yrs in a nursing home, she told me she felt nothing but relief!! she had done her grieving a long time before.  I  live on fond memories of the past 56 yrs.  Thank you for your concern!!

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    I have been thinking about

    I have been thinking about you and your wife.   Thank you for the thoughtful Christmas card.  I don't remember much about it, but both of my grandmothers had Alzheimer's.   And after the conversation I had with my mother last night... I am starting to think that she may be in the beginning stages. :(.  I need to figure out how best to bring the subject up with my dad.... They are in FL...so it will have to be over the phone.