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Hi Everyone,

I was a frequent visitor to this board ten years ago. My mom was diagnosed in December 2002 with Stage III Colon Cancer (4 positive lymph nodes) and during her first 1.5 years of treatment had two local recurrences. (the first after completing chemo, and the second after completing a round of radiation). Her last surgery was aggressive and resulted in a permanent colostomy.  We were not very optimistic after her third diagnosis, but I am thrilled to share that she has been absolutely cancer free since 2004 !  We have had a few scares along the way with suspicious shadows on routine scans, but so far none have been a recurrence. 

I remember being new to this board and constantly searching for hopeful stories so I thought a nice way to start the new year would be to share ours !   Since her diagnosis I got married and have a son, who my mom absolutely loves spending time with and babysitting. They have an amazing relationship and she enriches his life in so many wonderful ways. We feel lucky that she has been one of the "lucky ones". 

For those of you who are new to this journey, stay positive and keep fighting ! There are lots of positive stories (and unfortunatey I think that once most folks beat the disease they forget to share).



  • HollyID
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    Thank you for sharing!

    I absolutely, positively think it's important to share the survivor stories! 

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    Great Testimony

    Thank you for sharing this positive information about your Mom's fight.

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    Thanks for sharing... I love

    Thanks for sharing... I love the "it's beatable" posts. 

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    Yes!!! Yes, yes we can

    Yes!!! Yes, yes we can survive and not let this beat us down! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! Most of all, congratulations to ypur mom for fighting the fight and being an overcomer! What a blessing to still have her in your life and so involved in your sons! Yay!!

    Here's to another 10+ years of cancer freedom!!


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    Awesome story!

    Thank you for sharing and inspiring us all. She is a testimony to no matter how long you survive this disease, what's important how you live your life. 


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    Thanks for sharing,that proves there is always hope.

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    Thank you for sharing this

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful news. I am only 6 months old (diagnosed with stage 3 CRC with 4 positive Lymph Nodes) in this lovely forum who are so supportive to fellow members when they need them the most. As a community fighting this dreadful decease we all love to hear these types of success stories & that inspires all of us.  

    Wishing you & your mom a Happy & Prosperous New Year & sending our prayers to her for a full cancer free life.


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    That's great news. Thanks for

    That's great news. Thanks for sharing. 

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    so happy for your mom!

    Thanks for sharing your story!