Been a long time, it seems...


Hi All! Been a few years. I had the cancer on my left tonsil in 2011. Did the feeding tube, 35 rad... Then in May 2013, during the night had a horrendous coughing spell. I thought it was due to allergies/whatnot. But 2 lumps formed on my neck..had bi-opsy. Cancer. My PET from 2011 was completely clear, I mentioned this on this forum 'back in the day'.  In May 2013 I was diagnosed with the ole SOB..June 11 had a Radical Neck Dissection. Interoperative radiation. So here I am back again with a positive self, albeit a tad painful at times.

Enough about are ya'll?!!!!! I have not forgotten you all that helped me very much through this. Have not nor will not stop praying for all of you.




  • Skiffin16
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    Hi You...

    Man, sorry to hear about your second go around..., sounds like you are starting the new year in good shape though...

    Thoughts and prayers for a long life ahead...


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    long time

    Hi Robin,

    Welcome back, I am sorry for your second tangle with the SOB.

    I went back and read your first post.  I saw many of your H&N friends are still dropping by on occasion. Based on your first post, how did your taste buds make out and I can see that you are still having your mettle tested.

    Good luck on all future scans.


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    Robin, so sorry to hear you

    Robin, so sorry to hear you must fight again and wanted to say, "Welcome Back".  It's always good to hear from ol'  praying for tx to go well for you.  stick around.

    God bless you,


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    Thank ya'll for the kind words. Yeah big bummer!

    Matt, my taste buds came back to 100%!!!! It took about a year but am I ever grateful!!!!!  I love to cook words needed, right?

    Hubby and I are leaving for the mountains for a week and frankly I think we deserve a break!