Chemo chest pain

Has anyone had or deal with this. Had my first chemo session on dec 17. Felt fine for firdt 2 days. On 3rd day experienced terrible chest pain. Had to be hospitalized. Cardiologist said my ejection fraction was low at 14%. Normal is 55%. 


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    chest pain

    Mu husband also had heart pain on the third day of his first chemo and
    ended up in ER. You can read some about this on our about me page.
    My husband will update you later.

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    More Info

    Hi,  my name is Andrew.

    I also had heart pain the third day of the first chemo. 

    Every heart beat was excruciating painful.  I sat on the edge of the bed until the pain subsided.. about 15 minutes.  Any activity would increase and prolong the pain.  Ended going to ER where they were sure I was having a heart attack.  After running tests (ekg, Ct scan, etc.) it was determined the chemo was the cause.  Nitro pill relieved the pain.   

    Was sent to a cardiologist for further tests… mri, stress test… passed all tests. No problem was found. Cardiologist determined I had a healthy heart.

    Oncologist said the chemo sometimes reacts like this in one in 50000 people. (Don’t know if this is true.) Onc said I could quit the chemo treatment if I wanted to. I opted to continue at a reduced dosage. Still had heart pain in succeeding treatments but was not as severe. Nitro pill relieved pain. Took beta blocker med to alleviate further problems while doing chemo.

    In hindsight, I wish I would have quit at that point…I did not know how bad the side effects would be. Still have neuropathy in my fingers and both feet. This is three years post chemo.