1st chemo session

I had my first chemo session of FOLFOX 6 on DEC 17.  Everything was great for first 36 hours.  Then at 230 am i began having horrible chest pain.  I was transported to the hospital to cardiac unit.. cardiologist said my ejection fraction was at 14% when normal is over 55. I am being treated for stage 3c colon cancer.  Has anyone experienced this after only one session of chemo? Need advice.  BTW...merry christmas to everyone.


  • lp1964
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    Dear Friend,

    Thanks god severe reactions like yours are not common. You really have to follow up on this since you need more chemo. Follow the doctors' advise. I have minor chest discomfort during my chemo, but not that serious and mainly caused by muscle tightness.

    I wish you a quick resolution.