Xanax (sp?)


Hi All,

I have a prescription of Xanax .5's of which I take one every day before I have rad treatment. I have two rad treatments left. However, I struggled sooooo hard with the last few treatments, I'm wondering if it is ok for me to take two of those buggers to get me through. Have any of you ever doubled up on your Xanax dose?

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  • CivilMatt
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    how many is enough?


    I doubled up my Lorazapam once; it made the rads less memorable and made me sleep all day.

    Hey, I did not think I was rummy at all, but on my 3 month post appt the doctor and nutritionist mentioned how alert I was.  Oh well.

    One of my last rads I had to stop everything and  get up, get a drink, spit, cough and start all over.

    I found 1 tab good enough for me.


  • PJ47
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    Call the MD and ask before you go.

    If the Xnax is scored, you may be able to add 1/2, but .10 is sometimes needed to help people relax.  I think Lorazapam is supposed to help with secretions along with the anxiety too.  You can do it.  


  • katenorwood
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    Hey Jamie !

    My suggestion is to call who ever scribed it and ask.  My feelings and experience tell me they shouldn't have a problem with your request.  BUT.....NEVER EVER double up on anything unless you've checked it out with someone in the know.  We all react differently to meds.  good luck, and you're in the home stretch now !  Katie

  • phrannie51
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    You better as your Dr....

    You don't want to lay down for 15 minutes of rads, and have to be wheeled out on a gurney to wake up in the lobby.  :)