I need encouragement from my fellow survivors

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I went in today for treatment and to see my onc.


3 years ago I was dg with tripple neg breast cancer. I had chemo 2 rounds the tumor grew. They changed the chemo. The tumor shrunk but I went into kidney failure. My onc got scared so he had my surgen take out the tumor. That outcome was great. The tumor was removed along with 22 nodes 8 cancer. I then begun radiation 30 days. Then started chemo for the next 9 months. Scans look good NED. After no chemo for about 10 months I had a very bad cough went to the doctor and was dg with mets to the lung. Very small spot on my left lung. In 2012 I began chemo again. two weeks on one week off. Did very for the next 1 1/2 years. No problems with the chemo the only side effect was loss of hair. After the 1 1/2 year I began to have very bad side effects, finger nails turned black and hurt very bad, diarehera, constipation, extreme fatigue and excessive eye tearing. They reduced the chemo for a couple of months, felt better, then the spot on my lung started growing. They put the chemo back up and the side effects returned this time worst, I could not walk, but during this time the spot had gotten smaller and was stable for a while. Soooo they decided to take me off of one of the chemo. I was off for abourt 3 months and now a very small spot is on my liver.


My onc told me today that I had to go back on the other chemo and as soon as I got home the side effects started diarehea and constipation. My onc told me that he would be lying to me if he said the chemo will make the spots go away. The chemo is just to keep the cancer from spreading...Ugh!!!


I accepted that I would have to be on chemo for the rest of my life (whatever that is), but now I'm worried about how long my body can hold out. I went to cancer treatment centers of ameriica and they told me my current onc is doing exactly what they would do. They even said they only seen some one last 6 months on the chemo I'm on before they have to switch chemo's. They keep telling me the good news is that the cancers responds very well to the chemo. The bad news is my body is not holding up.


Are there others out here that are living with spots through out there body? How long have you been receivinlg the chemo? I'm three years into this, are the others that are going through what I am and have gone longer than 3 years?


I believe in my higher power "God". I believe his word that I shall live and not die, but I also know that we all die sometime. I'm 50 years old and am very scared right now...





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    Hang in there

    Hang in there ,no 2 cases are the same. Cancer has a way of making us all feel scared . Seems like you been on this road for some time and as you prob already know every cancer is different for each of us and no matter what your Dr is saying they can't always predict the outcome or time frame, our bodies may weaken with treatment then we just need a break to regroup. I have read so many stories where not only the Dr's and even sometimes family have given up , thinking the end was just around the corner and then the person with cancer would go into a semi-remission. One person was and still is 14 yeaars post cancer. So I am not trying to give you a false hope but it simply is not over till it is over. I am glad you have a belief in a higher power ,I do as well . As you said we all die at some point in fact the bible states that he who dies has been aquited or forgiven his sins( paided the price so to speak) So there is peace in knowing that there is more to life than what we experience here. Peace is such a wonderful thing. Life is a gift and thats why we do not want to die . Do as much as you can to take the best care of your self as you can, then you truly have done your part and leave the rest up to God, most of this is out of our hands anyway.Try not to worry .Sending peaceful and positive thoughts your way!!!! Hugs

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    Sorry you're having such difficulties...

    I work with a fellow cancer survivor who has had mets on his lungs for over 10 years now. They have not grown or changed in all these years. His cancer started in his neck. Not sure what type. Hass been dealing with cancer since age 16 when he was firsg diognosed. He's in his fifties now. Gets check ups and scans regularly. His original cancer has been gone for many years. Only issue is the mets that developed in his lungs but they have never progressed. I know this is totally unrelated but every persons case is different. Hope you win this battle. I pray for all of us fighting this crap.

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    Don't be scared

    Don't be scared, Shannon. You are doing the best you can in regards to getting treatment. It's obvious that you are very diligent in doing so. Do the best you can to stay healthy to be able to endure the chemo or the other treatments that you have to undergo. 

    And I agree with you that we are all going to pass away someday. Like you, I have accepted the fact, but learned not to be scared. You will get over this hurdle one way or another. Whatever the outcome is, you will look back at this misfortune and say, "I didn't do so bad".