Elevated WBC

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Hi everyone,

I hope and pray everyone is well or in the process of being well. I may not post often but i do follow each of the posts. I had CBC done yesterday to re-check WBC levels. They've been elevated for few yrs now. The last normal range I had was in 2010 (close to high end limit 9.2). He asked me to call him tomorrow for results. Its been running From Jan 2012 to June 2013 as follows:

    18.7 10.9 11.1 13.3 12.5 12 11.4   Normal range is 4-10 K/ul at the lab I get blood work done

This specific doc didn't seem concerned he said I could be the 2.5% of population that has higher than normal WBC. I asked him at what number would you be worried with my blood work from today. He thought for a little bit and said 15. 

Anyone else have experience with elevated WBC prior to any diagnosis?