Hello everyone!


Just checking in. Always hate to see that someone has passed away from the group. We have lost Tina and now Westie. Stella's mom. It's too sad. My mom just finished up more chemo. She was on doxil which did absolutely nothing. So she really wanted to go back on the carboplatin but she is severely allergic. So they sent her to University of Penn every three wekks for overnight desensitization. She went from 1000 to now she was at a 17 like  three weeks ago. It's just terrible that you have to think about when it will come back. Her longest remission was 9 months. Shortest 3. It's just gonna be so hard to try and keep her motivated if it happens again. She of course has gotten her personality back. She is complaining that she is always in remission in the winter, She's crazy. We got a puppy. He's part chiuahuah part pug. His name is Chico. Now that mom retired she has a friend to help her. His first couple weeks here was right after her last treatment. He just got up and laid with her on the couch. She cannot admit she loved every minute of it.

Anyway, hope all is well. Sorry to hear about Julie not feeling well. U are definitely at the bottom of the hill on the roller coaster. So now its time to go up. Sayin prayers for everyone. Will check in sooner this time.