Low White Cell Count - No Chemo Today


Cell count below 1000,so no chemo for me today. I've got numbness in the tips of my fingers,toes & tounge from last weeks chemo. Blood when I biow my nose,but no real bleeding yet. Hot flashes and lots of tiredness. No nausea yet, but eating all the time. So off this week and on half dose the next two mondays.

I'm still upbeat and feeling good in sprit. Dr. wants me to walk more when I can. I'm just chilling watching movies, T.V. and checking on the computer now & then.

Marry Christmas to one & all. Prayers, Hugs and happy thoughts to all.



  • CypressCynthia
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    Oh shoot!  My white count

    Oh shoot!  My white count after my first chemo was 500 and I was hospitalized for febrile neutopenia (low white count with a high fever).  I had about 7 neupogen shots.  After that, I received neulasta after every chemo and did better.  Better to take a little respite rather than end up in the hospital! 

    Merry Christmas to you and hugs and prayers back at you!


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    Take the good news with the bad, I guess!


    It's good to hear from you, and I'm glad your spirit is good, and that you're taking time to relax...but of course I'm so sorry they've had to postpone chemo.  Are they talking about giving you Neulasta or Neupogen shots to keep your cell counts up next time?

    And yes, I hate it when the doctors are right about things like exercise...but pushing yourself to take short walks when you can really, truly will help with the fatigue.  So let us know if we need to come to your house and kick you in the behind a little! Smile  I'm up for a road trip to Robert's house, and I bet I can nag better than even your wife can!

    I have to chuckle every time someone here talks about nosebleeds during chemo....I don't know what chemo drugs you're on (I was on Taxotere and Cytoxan), but my doctor swore that nosebleeds were not a side effect of my chemo.  Well, lessee...I never had nosebleeds before chemo, I started having them during chemo, stopped having them once chemo was over, and haven't had one since.  But NOOOOOOO, I'm sure it wasn't the chemo....Undecided


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    Season's Greetings

    I missed one of my chemos when I was in the hospital for bleeding ulcers.  I thought they would just add on a week.  They said, no, doesn't work that way.  I am on Taxol too.  The next scan showed regression so I didn't loose anything by skipping a chemo.

    I can't join Traci's pink bus as I must admit not doing much in a way of exercising.  I do have a good excuse, I wear a brace on my right foot and it makes it hard to walk.  Now with 12 inches of snow last Sunday and 12 inches coming tonight, I have no desire to go out in it, plus the temperature has been in the single digits or lower.  So the jump start won't be coming from me.

    They drop my chemo amount twice because my RBC were low and I was having problems with my iron.  Fatigue is an ongoing problem for me.  Could be worse. 

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and may we all have a better new year.


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    Hope your counts

    are up soon so that you can continue your treatments. Sending you my best thoughts on this.

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    Must be disappointing to have

    Must be disappointing to have to postpone chemo.  My goal was to be able to stay on schedule, finishing at the projected time.  Anytime I read or hear of someone who has had to put off chemo (even radiation), I do feel badly for them because we all know that our goal is to get this over and let it be a thing of the past.

    Good to read that you are upbeat about this, regardless. 

    Merry Christmas.  Best wishes for the coming new year.


  • sea60
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    Merry Christmas Robert!

    Praying you feel stronger every day.





  • VickiSam
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    sea60 said:

    Merry Christmas Robert!

    Praying you feel stronger every day.





    Robert = I am hoping and praying things get

    better for you.  My thoughts, and prayers are with you, always.


    Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

    Vicki Sam

  • Christmas Girl
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    Don't get discouraged...

    Glad to know you're upbeat & in good spirits, Robert - so important! I'll even say necessary to continue...

    During chemo, my own med onc INSISTED I take a 20-30 minute walk - HAD to be outdoors, not inside (i.e., treadmill didn't count) - DAILY. Yes, daily. Pace & length didn't matter. Certainly, it wasn't easy; but, I did it. (Even during the cold Great Lakes/Midwestern winter months.) Was too scared not to.

    Reason: walking, as mild exercise, increases circulation. Importantly, gets the chemo drugs everywhere they need to go. And helps to counter neuropathy (numbness). Fingers/toes are the most vulnerable because they're furthest from the heart (circulation). Ditto for fingernail/toenail damage. Outdoors because there is more oxygen outside vs. inside. Chemo drugs can starve the body of oxygen.

    If your own doctor didn't fully explain the rationale for his recommendation to walk, I hope this info inspires you to get out there. I think you'll feel at least a bit better if you do.

    Merry Christmas to you & your loved ones! With my very best wishes that the coming New Year will return you to remission.

    Kind regards, Susan