Any good stories with Sir Spheres?

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In 2011 my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer with 5 mets to his liver.  He had liver resection but the mets returned.  He has had more chemo than we can count, radiation to his liver(2 of the spots) and now they want to do Sir Spheres.  Meanwhile, he is getting ready to start back on chemo after a one month break.  He is so tired and in so much pain that he can not do anything that he used to enjoy doing. Has anyone had success with this relatively new treatment?  What are the side effects of this treatment?  He is so depresssed and sick of all this treatment.  It is just draining on a family to deal with cancer year after year and we have no family close by to help.  The only thing they do is send e-mails telling us to stay strong, and everything will be fine.  It is just too much.  I was hoping to hear from someone who had this procedure and had good results.  Blessings to you all, Teri


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    A year later....tumors are still gone

    I also had a lot of chemo and liver resection, the tumors returned. I had sir spheres last nov/dec and so far, so good.I have been monitored by ct scans, mris, and pet scans. One year to me is a good result! I didn't have any major side effects except a little fatigue the second week. I hope this might help....any questions please feel free to ask

    Happy Holidays~. Ann

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    That sounds like great news to me

    That really sounds like good news.  How many tumors did you have in the liver if you don't mind me asking?  My husband has 5 and the largest is 3 cm.  One of his is close to the hepatic artery.  What treatment did you have after the Sir Spheres?  I was wondering if they do liver resection after the Sir Spheres.  Thanks so much for responding.