another Arimidex vs. Tamoxifen question...

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When I had chemo in 2009 I went into menopause on the way home from my first Taxol cocktail. After chemo,  I took tamoxifen for a year - waiting the one year since your last period time.  I started on Arimidex and took it for almost a year until my Dr switched me to the other A - Aromasin.  During the time I was on the A's I developed something called erythema nodosum - red spots causing swelling and inflamation on your lower legs - some sort of inflamation of the fat just beneath your skin.  My legs look like they have been badly bruised - deep purple/red.  The Dr isn't sure if they will ever return to their normal color.  Before they figured out what was causing this I had several biopies and blood work done.  At its worst my legs would swell and felt like they were burning from the inside out - hot to touch and painful to walk.  ....Anyway they figured it was the A meds.  I've been off of that since mid-October taking meds to help my legs.  Now the Dr wants to put me back on the tamoxifen - but I'm not so sure.  Is it safe for post-menopausal women?    Thanks for any input and has anyone else out there had the issue with their legs?



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    I dont know if this helps
    but both times they put me on Tamoxifen I was post menapausal. I had a complete hysterectomy at 30 and was on tamoxifen at 44 and again at 52
    Hope all goes well for you..
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    The aromatase inhibitors are

    The aromatase inhibitors are generally more effective with post menopausal women, but tamoxifen is often used if the aromatase inhibitors aren't tolerated.  I have used tamoxifen, arimidex and faslodex.  I was Stage 3, now Stage 4.  All worked equally well for me for a time, but then, this year, I had liver mets and was taken off hormone therapy while I am on chemo.

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    Tamoxifen for 8 surgical menopause....

    The added bene is that it strengthens bones (I am osteoporotic).  Also, doesn't increase cholesterol levels as the AI's can do...


    The big danger is endometrial cancer.  BUT, since I had a total hysterectomy, that is not an issue....


    I have little if any side effects from tamoxifen....and now, clinical trial is showing that it is good year 5-10 post cancer to keep a recurrance at bay....


    Hugs, Kathi