Prognosis with large tumor


I just found out I have a 6.3 cm and 4.4 cm thyroid tumors/nodules.  Why are they called nodules not tumors?   Meeting with a surgeon tomorrow for the first time.  In addition to the size issue the big brother is pushing against the trachea.  Also, there is a low density mass attached to the large guy.  Wonder what that is all about?   What can I look forward to?


  • oliviausher1
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    long surgery

    You have a long surgery to look forward to..mine was 16 hours..

    I am here to give you hope because you are about to hear a lot of scary things.  

    I had very aggressive thyroid cancer. My esophogus, trachea and vocal cords were involved. I was told I would need a total thyroidectomy with a bilateral neck dissection. I was told the chances of me losing my voice permanently and being on a trachea breathing tube were very high almost definite. As I said my surgery was 16 hours..

    I woke up breathing on my own and talking. 

    You can do this.

  • dlygoblue
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    Some things to look forward to: a partial or total thyroidectomy.  Has it been determined if the tumor is malignant? If so, they may have you go through some radiation and/or chemo treatment. I stress MAY. That really depends on the type of cancer it is. Recovery is generally quick, again, depending on the type of cancer. Then it’s a matter of taking replacement thyroid hormone for the rest of your life.  I’m now 17 yrs post thyroid cancer. Keep positive thoughts and the faith.  David