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I had my ct scan yesterday and dr. stated NED!  Thank you Lord.  However, because I have had bleeding during bm  a few times in the last 3 weeks he wants me to see a colo-rectal surgeon.  He said I should have been seeing cr doc. all along and this is just a precautionary measure.  I told him I had colonoscopy in August but he said this doctor would be able to see more should there be any cancer that was too small for detection on ct scan and colonoscopy to old to count on.  He also moved me out farther for next ct scan which I was not happy about.  I am 27 months out from treatment.  I had ct scans every 3 months for a year, then it went to 4 months, next one 6 months, now 8 months.  I think because I was stage 4 I should have scans, at the very least, every 6 months.  I was wondering how often others get scans that were late stage and around 2 years since treatment.  I asked him if cancer did come back, could it be through my whole body before next ct scan and he said yes.  That bothers me. 


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    Congratulations on the NED results--that is so wonderful!  I hope it gives you some sense of relief.  Now about the bleeding, I don't think that's out of the realm of normal, given the treatment you had.  Many of us have occasional rectal bleeding.  It is scary, yes, but usually not an indication of recurrence.  However, it's good that your oncologist has recommended that you see a colorectal surgeon to have it checked out.  As we know, sometimes things are missed on a colonoscopy if the doctor does not look thoroughly in the anal area, so hopefully, your next exam will focus on that area and everything will look just fine.  As a person who has been scanned more often than most, I know how you feel about the more relaxed schedule on future scans.  They are my security blanket and I'm sure you can agree.  As for others who were late stage and how often they get scanned, I don't know.  I think it can vary from person to person and their doctor's view on that.  For now, I hope you can enjoy the good news you just received and I hope that if you are really concerned about going 8 months before the next scan, you can speak with your doctor.  I wish you continued NED! 

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    Congratulations on the NED....thats always great to hear! I have a CTscan on friday, but won't get results for a week. I am a bit less than 3 yrs post treatment for Stage3b, so not quite the same as you but similar. My last two scans were every six months and I think that is the plan following this one but am not sure, I'll let you know after my visit to get the results.

    I do have an ostomy so don't deal with bleeding associated with bowel movements, but as Martha said seems to be somewhat common. It is bothersome to receive the answer "yes" to your question of cancer in your whole body. About a year ago I asked something like that and got the same response, but it was explained that that could be the case if scanned at 3months also.....just a matter of timing. Today good, tomorrow?? We just don't know what lies ahead, and it may not really change the course of treatment in some cases to scan a couple months later at this point. The chance of recurrance drops after two years so concentrate on that for now.

    I will keep you and all in my thoughts and prayers for good health!

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    Hi. What good news that you are NED! That is a good Christmas gift!

    I was stage 2, and did not have routine CT scans. I will be 3 yrs. in March. I saw the colorectal surgeon every 3 mos. For 2 yrs. and now every 6 mos. He uses a scope. I also saw the onc. team every 3 mos., now every 6 mos.

    I think that after 2 yrs., the protocol changes. I was told from the start that the likelihood of metastis is greatly reduced after 2 yrs. There is new evidence regarding the long term risk of too much radiation from scans. Having too many scans just adds to worries. I am sure your doctor is balancing this with the risk of mets.

    I do understand your fears, but try not to worry. Enjoy your good news.
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    If I remember correctly, you and I have the same RAD ONC.  I too was stage IV.  I'm still scanning every 3 months but I do see my colo rectal surgeon every 3 months also.  I usually do a full day and see all my docs.  He did tell me that the scans will get farther apart the longer they are coming back negative.  It would bother me also that the cancer could be in other places before you were scanned again.  Try not to worry. (I know easier said than done).  Just keep doing what your doing, staying healthy.  If you notice anything you don't think is right be sure to get an appt right away. 

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    on your good report!

    I was never told a specific stage just T 2 or 3 (tumor size), M 0 (no mets.), N 0 (no nodes).  So my case is not the same.  I finished treatment in March of this year.

    My radiation oncologist likes CT/PET scans and my oncologist likes MRIs, so I've had both regularly and all have come back good.  (I breathe a sigh of relief and thank God each time.)  I also see my surgeon for DRE & anoscope.

    There does not seem to be a set protocol for follow up.