Pentoxifylline + Vitamin E for radiation-induced Muscle Atrophy? Anyone?

Good day fellow survivors

I'm a new member who accidentally found this site while searching for a solution regarding

one of the late radiation side-effect that i have been experiencing. I was treated for NPCA

on 2005 when i was 21 yrs old and there were no recurrence since then.


Among some of the side-effects that i'm concentrating on right now is skin/soft tissue and

muscle atrophy. Parts of my body included in the radiation treatment field and atrophied,

which includes the lower half of my face, neck and the upper middle portion of my chest and

back. In these areas the skin is thin, there is almost no fat, and muscles are atrophied.

I look like a high school kid (college if I'm going to be nice to myself) even now at 29 years old.


Regarding skin atrophy I was able to find out (thru research) about Hyaluronic acid / Sodium

Hyaluronate, a compound that reverses skin atrophy in patients who underwent topical steroid

therapy on their skin (derma patients). I tried to use this compound thru Olay Regenerist

Micro-sculpting Cream and i found that it really helps thicken the skin. My face and neck doesn't

look too "dried up" anymore and the skin is thicker, it really works. I have been using the product

for a little more than 2 weeks and I am pleased with the results, although I am not sure if this

improvement is permanent, i guess i will find out soon enough..


Now for my main concern. I read up recently that Pentoxifylline + Vitamin E can reverse Radiation

Fibrosis. I've seen at least 2 studies (journals) proving this fact and I've also seen other websites

recommending its use. And it is already written in a pharmaceutical directory that i have that the said

drug (Pentoxifylline) is used for radiation fibrosis..


My question is, since radiation fibrosis is basically damage to the soft tissue components (skin, muscle)

and pentoxifylline works for it, can it also be used for muscle atrophy which is basically also a form

of soft tissue damage? Actually I've started taking the drug/supplement combination for more than a month

now and I've yet to see any drastic improvement but I'm willing to extend my intake indefinitely since in some

of the journals that I've read the patients took the drug for more than 6 months.


My other question is, is there anyone in this forum who have taken these medications? Can you please

share your experience? Thank you very much :)






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    Actually, I'm also doing neck

    Actually, I'm also doing neck exercises (with weights) along with taking Pentoxifylline + Vitamin E