Pet scan shows bone mets

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Stage IV, ER/PR positive, her-, mets to lymphs and spine. Has anyone had a bone biopsy? That's my next test.

love, love, love my oncologist!


  • New Flower
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    Hi Jammie

    JJamiei am very sorry for your new diagnosis. It is hard renews to swallow I know from my own experience. 

    I have had bone biopcy 1.5 years ago. It was ok procedure under sedation took about 20 min and was CT guided. Done in the hospital, however I was released 2 hours later. I took 2 days off work (1 for procedure and 1 for recovery). I healed ok and was able to swim in the pool 6 weeks later. I started Chemo 1 week after bone biopcy.. Please let me know if you have specific questions

    good luck

    New Flower

  • camul
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    Hi Jamie.

    I too am sorry that you hve this diaggnosis. I went through it about 3 years ago. The procedure wasnt too bad. I was expecting it to hurt worse. They dod anskin biopsy at the same time. aIndid okay. aFelt pressure but no real pain. I just had like novacaine which numbed where they inserted the needle. The diagnosis is not good, however it is easier rather know what is in front ofnme so aincan.
    Inwish you thenbest and hope for anlongnhalthy ned filled journey.