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Hi, I'm new here! I'm 29 years old and so far this year have been diagnosed with widespread DCIS and then invasive grade 1 and iv had a mastectomy and am now on tamoxifen.

i found it quite useful to write a blog throughout, at first it wasn't going to be made public but thought I would share my experiences as other people's stories have really helped me.

the link is






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    Welcome to the MB noone wants

    Welcome to the MB noone wants to find!  I had Stage 3 breast cancer way back in 1987 and a long, long remission until 2005.  Still fighting but still here.  My baby was just 4 when I was diagnosed.  She is 31 now and is getting married in April and I will be there!!!

    My advice is to be as adherent to therapy as you can and hang in there.  Hugs and prayers!

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    Im pretty new here too. so hello & welcome. Im 37, diagnosed IDC stage 4 aprox 4 years ago. Did chemo, lumpectomy & radiation.. this is my second year testing cancer-free.

    Much like you I wasnt going to do the public thing but then ended up starting a blog. Unfortunately I havent kept up with it very well but its there and I return to it once in a while.

    I have found that not only was it helpful to me when writing it but have been told by others that its been helpful to them. So I hope yours is successful in those same ways.


    God Bless & Good luck


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    Welcome to the discussion.

    Welcome to the discussion. This has been a wonderfully supportive place to come and share frustrations and joys and be inspired by people who have lived a long time with cancer. I have a therapist who has helped me as I manuvered my way through several challenges this year and she says the best thing you can do is write it down. Somehow getting it down in black and white makes things better.