why I have hope

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My stem cell recurrence s I will have a drug for un 10 weeks not years.

I am very well on map ketogenic and healthy and happy

Godbless us all no matter your treatment.

Read it and have hope. 


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    God Bless you Pete!  Keep it

    God Bless you Pete!  Keep it going! 

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    Tiny Tim said"God Bless us every one!"

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    I'm glad

    I'm glad everything is getting better.Have a merry christmas.

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    One of my favorite words....thank you for sharing!!


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    More power to you Pete!

    More power to you Pete!


    We all have different bodies, and different cancers. Our immune systems, bloood types, etc... respond to different treatments.   I like hearing what is working for others.  May be that will work for me also!


    Keep up the good fight!

    Best Always,  mike

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    Staying strong

    You're staying strong Pete.   Thank you for sharing.  Best to you and your family for the holidays.