Good response to chemo-Osteosarcoma

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This is my first post. I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in my right tibia with metastasis to lungs in Sept 2013. I just recently finished my neo-adjuvant chemo consisting of high dose methotrexate as well as cisplatin and doxorubicin. I had an MRI and chest CT scan last week to measure my progess. My chemo oncologist told me that my results were quite impressive and that it was the best response he had seen to the chemo. I know this is great news but I still don't know how much that means. Can a good response to chemo predict overall outcome?

I will be getting limb salvage surgery and a thoractomy in the next month. Dr. said the lung lesions have mostly disappeared aside from two that have calcified and will be surgically removed.

Any insight on chemo response would be greatly appreciated!


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    Awesome and congrats

    I too, have been recently diagnosed with cancer AGAIN. After 7 years of being in remission. Don't let that put you in doubt. I first had Soft tissue sarcoma under my right arm, and I did many rounds of chemo. (I really don't remember half of it since I was asleep most of the time) and I was 11 years old. They also did radiation therapy. So now, 7 yeras later, I have a new cancer. Which is also Osteosarcoma, but mine is so tiny and so early on that it took awhile for them to diagnose it. This cancer was caused most likely by my radiation therapy my doctors think since its around the same sight, but not the same cancer. Anyways, I'm sorry for the whole backstory, but I just wanted to give you some comfort knowing I have experience with chemo and such. If you responded really well, your outcome is bright. I'm sorry for all the tougher obstacles you are going through while I'm here complaining that I don't want to do chemo again. I hope you get well soon and see the bright results :) 

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    i had osteosarcoma in my left

    i had osteosarcoma in my left humerus when i was 14 i am 24 now and am doing well except that i was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy a couple of years ago cause by the chemo but it is being managed with medication, i hope you both are doing well my thoughts are with you both x