Blood clots

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I am 9 months out of treatment for anal cancer and am wondering why I am having blood clots after all these months when I should be healing? Anyone else experiensing this? 


  • eihtak
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    Hi, Although I did not have this issue I feel like it may not be that unusual and hopefully someone else will chime in. I have a colostomy so don't deal with pain or discomfort during a bowel movement via the anal area but am curious as to if you are......are you taking too much pain reliever such as aleve or tylenol? If so, that could contribute to passing clots. I would recommend calling your doctor soon. It doesn't take long to become anemiac when stressed during healing and that can be made worse with the loss of blood. Please keep us posted. I will have you in my thoughts that all improves soon!!! 

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    Please notify your doctor about this.  It is probably some radiation proctitis, which is a result of the blood vessels in the treated area being very close to the surface, making them susceptible to bleeding when stool passes by.  It is quite common in anal cancer survivors and not an indication that cancer has returned.  However, whenever there is bleeding, it is scary, I think we would all agree.  Please make sure your doctor knows and follow his or her recommendations.  I hope it's nothing of concern. 

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    Not me

    The only time I passed anything like a clot was just before my diagnosis. It was my most serious warning signal that something was wrong that sent me to the telephone to call my doctor who did a colonoscopy right away when my diagnosis was made.

    We all pass some blood now and then but I haven't heard to much about clots.

    I think you should call your doctor about this also.

    Good luck and let us know how you are doing.