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I have had 2 surgeries in October to remove a low grade maligent tumor in my left breast. The first surgery was done and a second surgery was does because the margins were not sufficient for total removal. i have a very sore arm and was assured all was well, this week I recieved a call to go into the cancer treatment center for a follow up,I was not anticipating a follow up for at least two months not two weeks. I'm very concerned, is there anyone who has a similar experience....take care all and god bless.


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    You could also try's forum called "LESS COMMON TYPES OF BREAST CANCER." I have seen a few people on here post about malignant phyllodes breast cancer. You may find some one there,too.

    I am sure you will find people on there that had malignant phyllodes.

    You say you had a very sore arm? Did you have any sentinel or axillary nodes removed as well?

    Phyllodes, from what I understand, can be tricky to treat. 

    I always see my surgeon about 2 weeks post op for any surgery I have.

    I know for lmost DCIS, Stage 0, cancers, we  can wait a month or two before starting any treatments (normal protocal for DCIS with a lumpectomy is lumpectomy USUALLY (but not always) followed by radiation.

    Malignant Phyllodes, however, is much different than DCIS breast cancer.

    When you do see a doctor for this follow up, ask them for all the information they have on malignant phyllodes and its treatment. They should be able to give you handouts.

    Also, ask for your pathology reports. It is always good to keep copies of the path reports for yourself.