I was cancer free for 3 months and am on my first reoccurance.  After doing Taxol/Cabro we are now doing Doxil.  Has anyone done that and what was their experiences with it.


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    Doxil is unavailable in

    Doxil is unavailable in Canada unless you are in a clinical trial. Unfortunately, I didn't pass the criteria to enter the trial. I must investigate to see if I can purchase Doxil in the States and bring it here. 

    Good luck with the Doxil!

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    I had my first recurrence

    I had my first recurrence after about 5 months remission.  I had cistplatin/taxol 3 rounds.  I changed doctors.  the lymph nodes had increased in size.  My new doctor put me on Doxil.  I have had 11 rounds of it as a single agent.  Scans in late August revealed that I am still stable.  I have scans again Dec. 10.  HOpefully disease is still stable.  My recurrence 1 1/2 years ago has been contained to lymph nodes only so far.


    Side effects have been minimal for me.  The worst has been the fatigue.  However, I'm learning that if I am very careful about what I eat and drink lots of water, that is somewhat better.  I do have problems with the itchy, peeling feet.

    Hopefully Doxil will work well for you.  

    Let me know if I can help you with questions.