Anyone heard of Ixempra chemo

My mom started on this treatment last week.  Anyone tried it?  



  • Alexandra
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    Hello Wendybill

    I haven't heard of Ixempra chemo, outside of what one can google. There are some reviews on WebMd, mostly from people with metastatic breast cancer. If you go to CSN breast cancer board and search for "Ixempra", you will find many discussions.

    I read in your bio about all the difficulties your mom faced back in 2010 and I have to say: she is a fighter and you are an amazing family who saved her life.

    Best of luck,


  • artist49
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    I have uterine serous carcinoma (acts  more like ovca) and ixempra was part of my chemo on a clinical trial

    at Sloan Kettering.  Diagnosed stage 4B in September 2010,  I got carboplatin , ixempra and avastin for 6 treatments

    and continued with avastin every 3 weeks for maintenance till 2 months ago. Stopped because of avastin side effects.

    I am still in my first remission even though cancer was found in at least 40 lymph nodes. Ixempra I guess may have really worked for me!

    I have a CT scan this coming Monday so who knows what news that will bring.