Pancreas to Bone Cancer?

Is it possible to have cancer in your pancreas then travelled or spread to your bone? My father's cancer is still undetermined but some people think that the cancer may have started in his pancreas but then he only eats brown rice, fish, and vegetables since 2008 or 2009  but got diagnosed this year with stage 4 cancer. 


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    Will try to answer


                    You have asked a very tough to answer question for those of us that are not in any way doctors.  I posted this reply so you would know that someone has seen it and none are trying to ignore your post. It's just that cancer has so many different variations and things that can cause it. It can be difficult for those of use who have battled it to try and explain the many symptoms.    I'm guessing you noticed all the many cancers while trying to figure out were to post your question.  A specialized (pancreatic cancer doctor) might be your best bet for your question.

    The best I can reply to you is... Cancer has many,many different ways it attacks. It can start almost anywhere and if not spotted in the early stages it can spread from where it first started to almost any other area in the body. Not always the case,but it can happen.  Not all cancers are this way.  

    Your dad is a very lucky man to have a daughter like you trying to find out information on his cancer.

    Take Care and GOD BLESS