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here is my story..... 

I was away getting a divorce in another country.  On my way home the bleeding from my period was overwhelming.  I gave it a few months hoping it would go away but it did not go away.  I went into my doctors office and told him about it at first he just gave me a blood test and then the next month same thing happened again so he sent me on.  I went to the gyno he did an ultrasound he found that I had polyps and fibroids.  In May I had them out.  My biopsy came back I had adnormal cells.  He then told me that it was time to get a hysterstectomy.  I got the hysterectomy and I honestly thought 6 weeks off work and easy pease back to work.  A week after I got home I found out my biopsy came back positive.  I also found out from the doctor they tested 35 spots and only 4 were cancerous and they were all on the inside of my uterus.  I went to the cancer doctor and they scheduled surgery for December 12 to have lymph nodes removed as well as my ovary.  I also found out just last Friday that my doctor is having to take more lymph nodes and that I have MMMT. 


So my question is  what do they normally recomment for radiation treatment for a person who has MMMT or do they recommend chemo as well? 


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    Hello Treezee.  I was told I needed surgery Chemo and Radiation. I chose only the radiation but I am much older than you and so I am not sure my decision would also work for you.  If you feel strongly about not doing one or doing it then you tell them what you want to do.  But before you go thru that read, read, read everything you can.  I am most likely much older than you and I also have a medical background.  My doctor respects my decisions.  But I am one of the more informed patients that he has and I have also worked in Oncology.  I do not mean to say that I know everything there is to know about it but I know my body better than he does.  I also do not have Thyroid and Parathyroids and have Emphysema.  I am 73. So my choice worked for me but I did not make the choice lightly.  I have a background as an RN and Director of Nursing of a military hospital. I worked in Oncology for years.  But like I told my doctor I know how to take care of a Cancer patient but do not know how to be one so I need to be told things and not assumed that I know them because of my background.  My doctor is great to tell me everything and does not sugar coat it.  I deal well with this.  Even though it is a little overwhelming to know that this MMMT is what it is.  I intend to fight this MMMT with every ounce of strength and will never give into it.  I have a Pet Scan tomorrow and then see the doctor or the 19th for the results.  Hopefully I am still doing well.  I feel great so hope the news is good.  I will keep you in my prayers. Good luck with everything. Your friend, Marti

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    I'm sorry for my ignorance but

    what is MMMT ?  I had the radical hysterectemy due to alot of what you presented with.  I'm also a head and neck cancer survivor.  I have adenoid cystic carcinoma.  My Mother lost her battle to ovarian cancer.  So when I started having bad issues, I elected to have it all removed.  My periods were horrid for yrs.  But then started to cycle every 10 days heavy.  I had lessions, fibroids and cysts on both ovaries.  Nothing was conclusive other than they told me it was contained to the uterus.  So I needed nothing more than the surgery.  I agree with the above post.  Be well informed on your condition.  Be your best advocate !  My best to you !  Katie