Any one have a coil thing placed in a lung nodule ?

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 I am having a coil like thing put into a lung nodule just prior to a Vats operation to remove a single 8.7 lung nodule. purpose of this I was told so the Dr can see the nodule and remove it , of coure if it is found to be cancer then he will just remove the lobe . So a little back ground now , the Dr said at the start that this nodule was in a very poor place to do a needle biospy because it is to close to a large artery , but that he could safetly remove it through this Vats process because he would staple off the artery. The reason for this coil thing would be so he can see this 8.7 nodule when he gets inside and not have to spend time looking for it. Then he would do a wedge section see if it was cancer , if it is not then he would close and that would be it , but if it was cancer he would remove the lobe , all makes sence a one shot deal. So my question is , if it is to close to this large artery to do a simple needle biospy then how can the exray department place a small coil in my lung 2-3 hours before surgery? Seems like that would be just as or even more so dangerious , I am very nervious about this so has anyone of you had this process before? I had a pet/ct scan done that was neg but was told that i may just be to small to show up, so guessing they were just checking to see if this was just a sign of trouble from anougher area in my body . I was so glad the pet/ct scan was neg but now dreading what's ahead . I go in Dec 10th to do all this and just want to know if anyone has experience in this same process any advice would be of help. I guess I could of just watch and wait to see if it grew I guess that was an option but I just want to get it over with and not worry for the next 3-5 years with all the scans . SO HELP ME SOMEONE MUST HAVE SOME ADVICE FOR, ME MUCH APPRECIATED


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    So sorry you are going

    So sorry you are going through this.  You ask a very good question.  The surgeon or someone from his office will be on call for the weekend.   Give them a call and ask.   I'm sure they will be able to explain it.   Please report back on what they say.  This is really interesting.